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April 6, 2021

Placed on a ventilator for lung failure caused by a virulent flu in 1999, First-Time Author M.K. McDaniel fought for her life in a drug-induced coma for three weeks. During this time, she found herself in an inexplicably dangerous, foreign realm.

Misfit In Hell To Heaven Expat is a memoir of M. K.’s tumultuous life before, during, and after her Dark Near-Death Experience. The effects of the NDE caused to her to question her understanding of everything she thought to be factual and irrefutable. As a disappointed Heaven Expat, M.K. continued to struggle to find her place and purpose during the remainder of her Earthly life.

During her lengthy recovery, as M.K. reflected on the purpose of her experiences in the Afterlife, she recalled the tribulations of her family ancestors and their courage to survive. If they could overcome their overwhelming obstacles, then so could she.

As memories of former earthly hellish traumas surfaced and seemed to parallel her actual Hell experiences, M.K. sought out others with the same story. She eventually found solace, hope, and understanding at International Association of Near-Death Studies meetings in Seattle.

Uplifting, humorous, chilling, and engrossing, Misfit In Hell To Heaven Expat takes the reader by the hand to safely explore our human and otherworldly selves. Its gentle message will help the reader find their way along the bumpy, earthly road to eternity.

Put Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat on your "books to read" list!

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