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Kevin Owens- President of From Brock Haney With Love Inc.

April 23, 2021
A letter from Kevin-
I am grateful for my friendship with the Haney Family. I am also grateful for the friendship and opportunity to sponsor Brock for almost four years. He truly was a special person in my life. His sudden loss was heartbreaking and devastating to many in our LGBTQ+ community. He was not the first loss, and many have been lost since. The recovery world in the LGBTQ+ community is full of wonderful stories of success, but on the other side of the coin are heartbreaking stories of struggle, shame, inequality, abuse, loneliness and death. This is what the From Brock Haney With Love Inc. does. We give hope in our community to those who think they are hopeless. We reach out to those who have little or think no one cares. We give dignity to those who feel they are not lovable.
As members of LGBTQ+ we are a minority. Within the LGBTQ+ community the numbers in active recovery or seeking recovery is a relatively small percentage. From the start we are working with a small group of individuals who are spiritually, physically and financially depleted. Securing funds without creating donor fatigue is a real challenge. The great fact is we depend on the compassion and generosity of people, businesses and foundations to help us help others.
Why is there a need for a LGBTQ+ recovery assistance?
Alcohol and drug addiction is a baffling and insidious disease. It takes much more than will power alone to stay sober. To understand alcohol and drug addiction one must first realize that drugs and alcohol are only a symptom. Many issues need to be addressed. More often than not in the LGBTQ+ community sexuality is an issue including but not limited to shame, guilt remorse and denial. Being able to share these issues in an understanding and accepting environment is paramount.
Being sober is a start. Learning to live sober is a lifelong commitment. For many in the LGBTQ+ recovery community drugs and alcohol became part of a vicious life style. Being able to live, work and socialize within our community and as importantly in the community at large is a critical component for success. The From Brock Haney With Love Inc. offers many opportunities for service work and social sober activities. Getting a strong and comfortable foundation is something the From Brock Haney With Love Inc. provides.
It can be scary and lonesome in recovery as a LGBTQ+ person. The From Brock Haney With Love Inc. reinforces that we are not alone and we are not unique. We are on the front line. It is not always pretty. People die. People relapse. The stories of hate and discrimination break your heart. But we work even harder. This is a chance to give to people that need it the most. This is a chance to break the cycle of hate; a chance to potentially save a life.
Bobby, Jim and I are committed to this mission and are committed to doing this in the name of Brock Haney. Will you join us and make a donation? Any amount great or small will have IMPACT.
Best regards,
Kevin Owens
From Brock Haney With Love Inc.

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