The Brandon Triche Show


April 17, 2021

Florida born singer-songwriter turned Nashville recording artist, Daniel Ericks has a uniquely appealing style and vibe. Daniel is able to take our favorite songs and re-interpret them through his own point of view. It's a difficult task to keep things familiar enough while hoping to revitalize long lost affection for some forgotten favorite tunes and Daniel does not disappoint. Furthermore, his skill as a diverse songwriter is exemplified in original songs like the cheerfully funky ditty, "Good Love" about a serendipitous love affair and the heartbreaking ballad, "When We Lived Here" about taking a drive down memory lane to realize that there's no going back to what no longer is. "Just Live" was written days after the death of Daniel's grandfather and serves as a message to himself from beyond that there is nothing you owe to the universe except to live your life as you see fit, so stop worrying and just live.

Daniel Ericks is also a talented voice actor, able to imitate a wide variety of celebrity and cartoons character voices as well as create a few characters of his own. Not only does he act with his voice, but he's even appeared as an extra in the hit TV series Nashville.

Check out Daniel's project Spechlis with the unbelievably talented Sheyenne Rivers. The pair make an incredible team not only as talented songwriters, but also as gifted singers delivering numerous captivating performances together.

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