The Brandon Triche Show

Andrew T McDonald - Author of Divine Trust

May 10, 2021
Once a junior high wrestling champion, high school quarterback, collegiate soccer stand-out, and seasoned trial attorney, Andrew was accustomed to winning. At the age of 45, he found himself divorced, estranged from his son, and strung out on drugs and alcohol. Andrew's winning ways were long gone; in fact, he did jail time in the very county in which he once successfully practiced law. He even failed at committing suicide. He was broken, hopeless, seemingly beyond redemption, and utterly alone in a prison of his own design. Finally, he surrendered. His surrender resulted in mercy, grace, peace, and salvation by his savior, Jesus Christ, whom he came to know intimately and personally. Andrew's experience of the Lord, His miracles, His blessings, and how He chose to reveal himself are the "body" of this work. Andrew's trust in Him - divine trust in the truth, the life, and the way - has led to this true story in which the supernatural transcends logic, the uncommon becomes common, and so-called coincidence is shown to be His perfect timing.

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